Blues Number 1

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Blues Number 1-Belton Sutherland
E position, standard tuning


Tired of sleeping, low-down lonesome cell
Tired of sleeping there, low-down lonesome cell
And I wouldn't've been here, hadn't've been for Nell

Kill that old grey mule, burn down the white man's barn
Kill that old grey mule, burn down that white man's barn
I didn't mean no trouble, I didn't mean no harm

I want you to love me or leave me, girl, anything you wanta do
I want you to love me or leave me, anything you wanta do
What a strange thing happenin', someday might a-happen to you

Well you say you gonna leave me, said you're goin' away
Well, you said you're gonna leave me, pretty Maggie, said you was goin' away
I said, luck be the fortune, you'll come back home some day

I said luck beats a fortune, gonna make you come some home someday

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