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Blues-Eddie Bowles
C position, standard tuning

I woke up this morning, nothing on my mind
I woke up this morning, nothing on my mind
And I looked out the window, saw my baby cryin'

I wondered in my mind what the reason is my woman's out there cryin'
And I asked her, "Baby, why are you cryin' today?"
Say, "I got the blues, sweet daddy, feel like goin' away."

I told her, "Sweet baby, I ain't got a dime to my name."
I said, "Sweet mama, I haven't got a dime to my name.
So you see, sweet mama, I have no money for your carfare or the train."

She looked at me, this what she said to me,
"You don't need no money where I intend to go.
I think I'm goin' to the river and jump over and drown."

Well, she started to the river, she stopped and turned 'round and 'round
I was sittin' there, baby, with my head hung down 'most to the ground
When she turned to start walkin' back to me, baby, I could go through the ground

I taken her by the hand, walked away from where she was
And I taken her by the hand, "Mama, don't get them kind of blues no more."
Ever since that, baby, we never had no blues no more

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