Blood Red River Blues

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Blood Red River Blues-Richard Trice
E position, standard tuning


Which-a way, which-a way do that blood Red River run?
From my back window, back to the rising sun

I'm goin', to that river, I'm gon' walk it up and down
Try to find me a place, Lord, deep enough to drown

I got a brown, cross-town, yes, she crochets all the time
Well, if you don't quit crochetin', I b'lieve you're gonna lose your mind

Go down, to that river, have a talk with my brother, Bill
Say, that woman he's lovin', sure gon' get him killed

SOLO (Spoken before solo: Yeah!)

I'm goin', yes I'm goin', well, cryin' won't make me stay
Say, the more you cry the further you drive me away

Well, it hurts me to eat, well, it hurts my feet to walk
I went to eat my breakfast and it hurt my tongue to talk

I said, hey, hey Lord, say this world and two or three more
Boys, I ain't got no home, ain't got no place to go

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