Blind Blake Guitar Keys and Positions

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compiled by Andrew Mullins, with additional notes from Chris Berry and Frank Basile


These are the complete recordings in chronological order, as taken from the JSP box set, Blind Blake: All the Published Sides. The pitches are not yet dealt with, and there are one or two holes left to fill in.

1Dying Blues C
2Ashley St Blues C
3Early Morning Blues C
4West Coast Blues C
5West Coast Blues C
6West Coast Blues C
7Early Morning Blues C
8Early Morning Blues C
9Too Tight G
10Blake's Worried Blues C
11Come on Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around G
12Come on Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around G
13Tampa Bound G
14Skeedle Loo Doo Blues C
15Skeedle Loo Doo Blues C
16Stonewall Street Blues G
17State Street Men Blues
18Down the Country Vestapol
19Back Biting Bee Blues Dropped D
20Wilson Dam G
21Bucktown Blues C
22Black Dog Blues C
23One Time Blues A
24Bad Feelin' Blues Dropped D
25Dry Bone Shuffle C
26Dry Bone Shuffle C
27Dry Bone Shuffle C
28That Will Happen No More G
29Brownskin Mama Blues <Take 1> C
30Brownskin Mama Blues <Take 2> C
31Hard Road Blues G
32Hey Hey Daddy Blues C
33Sea Board Stomp C
34You Gonna Quit Me Blues C
35Steel Mill Blues C
36Southern Rag C
37He's in the Jailhouse Now C
38Wabash Rag C
39Doggin' Me Mama Blues C
40C C Pill Blues C
41Hot Potatoes C
42Southbound Rag GE flat
43Pay Day Daddy Blues C
44Elzadie's Policy Blues GE flat?
45Good-Bye Mama Moan C
46Tootie Blues C
47That Lovin' I Crave G
48That Lonesome Rave C
49Terrible Murder Blues A
50Leavin' Gal Blues C
51No Dough Blues C
52Lead Hearted Blues G
53Let Your Love Come Down F
54Rumblin' and Ramblin' Boa Constrictor Blues C
55Bootleg Rum Dum Blues G
56Detroit Bound Blues C
57Beulah Land G
58Panther Squall Blues G
59Elzadie's Policy Blues
60Pay Day Daddy Blues C
61Walkin' Across the Country C
62Search Warrant Blues F
63Rambin' Mama Blues C
64New Style of Loving C
65Back Door Slam Blues C
66Notoriety Woman Blues F
67Cold Hearted Mama Blues G
68Low Down Loving Gal G
69Sweet Papa Low Down C
70Poker Woman Blues C
71Doing a Stretch F
72Fightin' the Jug F
73Hookworm Blues C
74Slippery Rag C
75Hastings St GLOW
76Diddie Wah Diddie C
77Diddie Wah Diddie C
78Too Tight Blues, No. 2 G
79Chump Man Blues Dropped D
80Ice Man Blues C
81Police Dog Blues Vestapol
82I Was Afraid of That, Pt. 2 C
83Georgia Bound C
84Keep It Home A
85Keep It Home A
86Sweet Jivin' Mama EADF#AD tuning, played in A
87Lonesome Christmas Blues C
88Third Degree Blues C
89Guitar Chimes C
90Blind Arthur's Breakdown C
91Baby Lou Blues C
92Cold Love Blues G
93Papa Charlie & Blind Blake Talk About It, Pt. 1 C
94Papa Charlie & Blind Blake Talk About It, Pt. 2 C
95Stingaree Man Blues G
96Itching Heel C
97You've Got What I Want G
98Cherry Hill Blues E
99Diddie Wah Diddie, No. 2 C
100Hard Pushin' Papa G
101What a Lowdown Place the Jailhouse Is C
102Ain't Gonna Do That No More C
103Playing Policy Blues G
104Righteous Blues C
105Fancy Tricks G
106Rope Stretchin' Blues, Pt. 2 Am/C
107Rope Stretchin' Blues, Pt. 1 Am/C
108Rope Stretchin' Blues, Pt. 1 Am/C
109Champagne Charlie Is My Name C
110Depression's Gone from Me Blues E
111Night and Day Blues G
112Sun to Sun A

* Note that titles 111 and 112 are recently discovered.

OrderWith Ma Rainey:PositionPitch
1Morning Hour Blues G
2Little Low Momma Blues C
3Grievin' Hearted Blues G

OrderWith Charlie Spand:PositionPitch
1Soon This Morning Blues G
2Fetch Your Water  ?

OrderWith Gus Cannon (Banjo Joe):PositionPitch
1Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home F or G
2Madison Street Rag F or G
3Jazz Gypsy Rag C
4Can You Blame the Colored Man C
5My Money Never Runs Out C