Black and Evil Blues

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Black and Evil Blues-Josh White
A position, standard tuning

Mmm, these black and evil blues got me
Mmm, black and evil blues got me
Somebody don't take 'em off of me, gonna jump in the deep blue sea

Says, I'm leavin' you, woman, I swear I ain't comin' back
Says, I'm leavin' you ,woman, whoo whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
Says, I ain't married to you, woman, I swear it's a natural fact

Don't trust no black woman to be your friend
Don't never trust no black woman, whoo, to be your friend
I swear she'll mistreat you and she will stand up in your face and grin

I'm leaving town, woman, find you another brown
I'm leaving you, woman, whoo, find another brown
Um bootn ba ba bum ba bum ba dum

I don't want no black woman to put no sugar in my tea
I don't want no black woman, whoo whoo whoo hoo hoo
Tell me black is evil and I'm scared she might poison me

Mmm, black woman treats me so low-down
That black woman, whoo, treats me so low-down
Say,s I'm goin' to the station, catch that train and I'm Florida bound

Gonna sing these blue, ooo whoo whoo hoo hoo
Gonna sing these blue, ooo, ain't gon' sing no more
'Cause that woman I love, Lord, she drove me from her door

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