Black Night

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Black Night-Sam Chatmon
A position, standard tuning

INTRO (SPOKEN: This is my favorite)

Oh, used to be, I could call you mine alone (SPOKEN: Oh, yes I could baby!)
But it's plain to see, now you want to be left on your own
You must have someone new to make me go blue, Black Night

Oh, used to be, we could have so much fun (SPOKEN: Oh, yes we could!)
Just you and me when my workin' day be done
But when I come home, you tired, I'm gone, Black Night

Oh, used to be, see my face you would smile
And run to me, run to me just like you was my child
But now you're in some kind of daze, have changed your ways, Black Night

Oh, used to be, you was the blackest night ever been known (SPOKEN: Oh, yes you was, gal!)
But it's plain to see I'll have the blues from this day on
'Cause the lovin' you had has left and you'll soon be gone yourself, Black Night

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