Barbershop Rag

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Barbershop Rag - William Moore
in F

Old Barber Moore on the box. Only barber in the world can shave you and give you music while he's doin' it.
Ah, set 'em, Barber Moore, set 'em. Strap that razor, barber, strap it! That's strappin' that razor--strap it, boy, strap it! Next!
Brush, porter, brush. Next! Close shave, barber, close shave. Don't want no medium or no light shave. Don't want you to do an O'Reilly.
Shave 'em close, barber, shave 'em, ah do it! Ah, set on 'em boy, set on 'em!
Ah, give it a keen edge, strop that razor again, boy, strap that razor! That's strappin' that razor, I'll betcha.
I mean with a razor edge, a keen edge! Brush, boys, brush. Shine that man's shoes, boy, shine 'em. Ah, give 'em a feather edge, Moore!
Oh, bob that gal's hair. Don't cut it, bob her! Ah, no wonder the browns come here to get their hair bobbed, 'cause Barber Bill knows how to do it.

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