Back And Side Blues

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Back And Side Blues-Brownsville Son Bonds
Bonds, vocal and guitar in G position, standard tuning, Hammie Nixon, harmonica


My head don't hurt me, no, my head don't hurt me
My head don't hurt me, it's just my back and sides
Now, if you wanta have a little trouble, just wait 'til after a while

Here's my hand, Lord, here's my hand, Lord,
Here's my hand, Lord, lead me where you want me to go
Now, I thinks I can do better, baby, than I did years ago

Im goin', I'm goin', gone, I'm goin', I'm goin', gone
I'm goin', I'm goin', gone, I won't be gone so long
Lord, I'm tired of bein' worried, just about you doin' me wrong


I'm singin' a little song, babe, I'm singin' a little song, babe
I'm singin' a little song, babe, I won't be singin' it long
I'm gon' put my box on my shoulder, and down this highway road I'm goin'

Don't need no schoolgirl, don't need no schoolgirl
Don't need no schoolgirl, and neither no mannish kid
I don't need a soul, anybody to be worried and bothered with

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