Away Out On The Mountain

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Away Out On The Mountain--Kelly Harrell, as performed by Jimmie Rodgers

I'll pack my grip for a farewell trip
Bid Suzy Jane goodbye at the fountain
I'm going, says I, to the land of the sky
Away out on the mountain

Where the wild sheep grow and the buffalo low
And the squirrels are so many you can't count them
Then I'll make love to some turtledove
'Way out on the mountain

CHORUS, yodeled: Oh-dee-oh-lay--ee-hee
Ah-dee-oh-lay-ee-hee, oh-lay-ee-hee

Where the north winds blow and we're gonna have snow
And the rain and the hail comes bouncing
I'll wrap myself in a grizzly bear coat
Away out on the mountain


Where the snakes are vile and the zebras wild
And the beavers paddle on walking canes
Then I'll send my boots with a buffalo hide
Away out on the mountain


Where the whippoorwills sing me to sleep at night
And the eagle roosts on the rocks of spontane
I'll feast on the meat and the honey so sweet
Away out on the mountain


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