As Willie and Mary Strolled by the Seashore

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As Willie and Mary Strolled by the Seashore-Sam McGee
Sam McGee, vocal and guitar in C position, standard tuning


As Willie and Mary strolled by the seashore, their last farewell to take
Says Mary to Willie, "If you never return, I'm sure my poor heart will break."
Don't mourn for a little while.", to Mary cried he, as he pressed the dear girl to his side.
"If I live, and ever return, I make this little Mary, my bride."


Three years had passed, when the news came at last, she stood in her own cottage door
A beggar passed by with a patch on his eye, his jacket all ragged and torn.
"Your company is sweet, little Mary.", cried he, "A message for you I be sign
The one that you love will never return to make this little Mary his bride."


"Oh sir,", cried she, "How can that be? My love for him never been told.
He's welcome to me, in his poverty, as though he was covered in gold."


Then the beggar drew the patch from his eye, and lay off the jacket beside
With cheeks red as roses and blooming with youth, it was Willie who stood by her side


"Forgive little Willie, little Mary!", cried he, "It's only your love I have tried.
Now off to the church, and let us go, I make Miss little Mary my bride."


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