Alley Woman Blues

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Alley Woman Blues-Blind John Davis
Blind John Davis, vocal and piano in C minor/Eb major, George Barnes, electric guitar, Alfred Elkins, bass


Don't play me no opera, baby, no sweet music for me
Don't sing me nothing, baby, 'bout the birds in the trees

I don't want no woman, from the avenue
Just a good-time brown, from the alley will do


These witchy women (scat line), they may be ever so nice
When it comes down to loving, baby, they just as cold as ice

Can't use no woman (scat line), who don't know what it's all about
By the time she start her movements, I'll be all worn out


I may be low-down, baby, but I swear, I swear, I ain't nobody's fool
I know something, loving little baby, that you never learned in school, oh baby,
That you never learned in school

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