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Alley Special-Wright Holmes
Wright Holmes, vocal and guitar in E position, standard tuning


You know now, mama, take me out, alley, now mama, before the high water rise, y'all know I ain't no Christian, 'cause I once have been baptize'
Lord, I went to church this morning, yes, and they called on me to pray
Well, I fell down on my knee, on my knee, gee, I forgot just what to say

You know and I cried, "Lord, my Father, my Jesus,", I didn't know what I done, I said "that would be the Kingdom Come". I said, "if you got any brownskin women in Heaven, will you please to send Wright Holme one."
Listen, Matthew, know I ain't never been to Heaven, oh this black boy, I have been told
You know, they tell me got women up there, women up there, gee, with their mouth all lined with gold

I betcha I get my cream from a creamer, you get your'n from a Jersey cow, all right! I betcha I get my meat from a pig, I bet you get your bacon from a no-good sow, tell the truth!
Lord, because the woman I'm goin' on lovin', she's a holy woman, and she beats that tambourine
And every time me and that sister go to lovin' each other, hoo-well boy, she talk that only one tone to me

You know I decide to get me nine little heifer, and I'm gonna get one little Jersey bull, Lord, don't you hear me now, mama, keep on a-talkin'
Yeah, I decide to get me nine little heifers, yes, I'm gonna get me one little Jersey bull
I'm gon' keep on churnin', churnin', yeah! 'til my churner done got full (Spoken: Well, I b'lieve I'll churn a little bit! Yeah!)


Now, some of these here days, I'm gonna have me a Heaven of my own, Lord, don't you hear, mama, keep on a-pleadin' to you
Baby, I said some of these here days, I'm gonna have me a Heaven of my own
Have a gang of these brownskin women, yeah, they're gon' be gathered all 'round my throne

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