Airplane Blues

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Airplane Blues - Sleepy John Estes
Self-accompanied, with Hammie Nixon, harmonica and Charlie Pickett, second guitar

I'm gonna get in my airplane, I'm gon' get in my airplane
I'm gonna rise all over, I'm gonna rise all over your town
Then if I spy the woman I'm lovin'
Poor John gon' let his air, poor John gon' let his airplane down

Here's my hand, here's my hand
You can lead me where you want to, you can lead me where you want me to go
Then if you lead me wrong this time
You won't lead me no, and you won't lead me no more

I know my baby, I know my baby
And she's bound to jump, and she's bound to jump and shout
Now, when she get over to the let-off
I done rode them few, I done rode them few days out

You 3 X 7, you 3 X 7
You oughta know what you want, you oughta know what you want to do
Now the day that you quit me
And I won't be mad with, I won't be mad with you

That's the day before Christmas, that's the day before Christmas
Let me bring your presents, let me bring your presents tonight
Now I will be your Santy Claus
Even if my whiskers, even if my whiskers is white

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