Against My Will

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Against My Will-John Henry Barbee
D position, standard tuning, unidentified second guitarist, also playing in D position, standard tuning

Well, I woke up, up in a slumber, babe, then I put on my shoes and clothes
Now, I woke up in a slumber, mama, put on my shoes and clothes
I'm gon' find pretty mama walkin' down this gravel road

She won't fix me no breakfast, now, she won't even, uh, wash no clothes
Now, now, fix no breakfast, Lord, she won't even wash me no clothes
She don't want to do nothin' but walk up and down this road

I don't want, want no woman, when she believes everybody but me
Mmm, b'lieves everybody but me
Because we'll soon be so that we, sure God, can't agree


Now, it was late, late last night, babe, well, when everything was still
Now, now, it was late last night, mama, everything was still
I began to want to turn over and it was against my will

Now, she's gone, well, she's gone, but she'll forever be on my mind
Mmmm, forever be on my mind
She was a real good-lookin' woman, but she just wouldn't be lovin' and kind

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